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Florida Construction Claim of Lien From Law

Contractors – Construction Liens – Florida

(1)  For the purpose of perfecting her or his lien under this part, every lienor, including laborers and persons in privity, shall record a claim of lien which shall state: See Form.

(2)The claim of lien shall be sufficient if it is in substantially the following form: See Form

(3)(a)The omission of any of the foregoing details or errors in such claim of lien shall not, within the discretion of the trial court, prevent the enforcement of such lien as against one who has not been adversely affected by such omission or error. (b)  Any claim of lien recorded as provided in this part may be amended at any time during the period allowed for recording such claim of lien, provided that such amendment shall not cause any person to suffer any detriment by having acted in good faith in reliance upon such claim of lien as originally recorded. Any amendment of the claim of lien shall be recorded in the same manner as provided for recording the original claim of lien. (c)  Failure to serve any claim of lien in the manner provided in s. 713.18 before recording or within 15 days after recording shall render the claim of lien voidable to the extent that the failure or delay is shown to have been prejudicial to any person entitled to rely on the service.

(4)  The claim of lien may be recorded at any time during the progress of the work or thereafter but not later than 90 days after the final furnishing of the labor or services or materials by the lienor; or, with respect to rental equipment, within 90 days after the date that the rental equipment was last on the job site available for use; provided if the original contractor defaults or the contract is terminated under s. 713.07(4), no claim for a lien attaching prior to such default shall be recorded after 90 days from the date of such default or 90 days after the final performance of labor or services or furnishing of materials, whichever occurs first. The time period for recording a claim of lien shall be measured from the last day of furnishing labor, services, or materials by the lienor and shall not be measured by other standards, such as the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or the issuance of a certificate of substantial completion. The claim of lien shall be recorded in the clerk’s office. If such real property is situated in two or more counties, the claim of lien shall be recorded in the clerk’s office in each of such counties. The recording of the claim of lien shall be constructive notice to all persons of the contents and effect of such claim. The validity of the lien and the right to record a claim therefor shall not be affected by the insolvency, bankruptcy, or death of the owner before the claim of lien is recorded.

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