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Nevada Construction Lien Law

Contractors – Construction Liens – Nevada

Note: This summary is not intended to be an all inclusive discussion of Nevada’s construction lien laws, but does include basic and other provisions.

Who may file a lien?

Nevada law permits any person or corporation who performs labor or furishes material in excess of $500 value for most types of construction projects to claim a lien on the property being improved for the value of the labor or materials supplied.  NRS 108.222.

How long does a party have to file a lien?

To claim a lien on improved property a Notice of Lien form must be filed in the office of the county recorder in the county where the property is being improved.  The time limit within which a Notice of lien may be filed is, within ninety (90) days after the completion of work, or within ninety (90) days of the last delevery of materials byt he claimant, or within ninety (90) days after the last performance of labor by the lien claimant, whichever is later.  NRS 108.226.  In addition, a filed Notice of lien must be served upon the property owner within thirty (30) days of recording by personal delivery or service at the owner’s residence or place of business.   NRS 108.227.

A lien cliamant must wait thirty (30) days after the filing of a Notice of Lien prior to bringing suit to enforce the lien.  NRS 108.244.

What is a Notice of Completion?

Nevada law permits a property owner to file with the county recorder a Notice of Compeltion when improvements are complete or work has ceased for more than thirty (30) days.   This notice serves to put parties who may have performed labor or provided materials on notice that the time within which to file a lien notice has commenced to run.  The owner must provide a copy of the Notice of Competion to the general contractor, or any party who requested a copy of the notice prior to the notice being recorded, within ten (10) days of the notice being recorded.  NRS 108.228

How long is a lien effective?

A lien on improved property is only binding on the property for six months from the date of filing, unless a suit is filed during that six month period.  Otherwise, a lien may be extended by filing a written Notice of Extension with the county recorder.  A Notice of Extension may never extend the duration of a lien for longer than one year from the date of filing of the original Notice of Lien.  NRS 108.233

What is a Notice of Non-Responsibility?

It is presumed by Nevada law that a person making improvements to property does so for the benefit of the property owner and that the party providing labor or materials shoudl have a lien for those improvements.  However, if a property owner or person with an interest in property learns that improvements are being made to which the owner or interested party does not feel he should be held responsible, he may file a Notice of Non-Responsibility with the county recorder within three days of learning of the improvements.  A Notce of  Non-Responsibilty properly filed will prevent the recording of a valid lien.  NRS 108.234.

How may a lien be released?

A properly filed lien may be released by the posting of a surety bond in the amount of  150% of the lien amount.  Nevada statutes provide the form with which a property owner or other interested party may obtain a surety bond.  After obtaining the bond, a petiton may be filed with the District Court requesting the release of the lien persuant to bond.  NRS-108.2413-2417.

A lien may also be discharged by the owner or another party in interest by payment in full of the lien amount.  Within ten days of the satisfaction of the lien the lien holder shall file a Notice of Discharge of Lien with the county recorder.  Failure to file a Notice of Discharge within ten days of satisfaction will result in the lien holder becoming liable in a civil action to the property owner in the amount of $100 plus attorney’s fees or any actual damages suffered by the owner as a result of the delay or refusal to release the lien.  NRS 108.2437.

What is a Notice of Materials Suppllied or Work Performed?

Any subcontractor who provides material or labor for the improvement of property may put the property owner on notice of the value of the materials or labor provided by delivering to the property owner a Notice of Materials Supplied or Work Performed within thirty-one (31) days after the first delievery of materials or work performed.  NRS

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